Restoring Foundational Principles-Answering the Call

14 11 2011

We are excited to be a part of the LIFE Team Launch founded by the Number 7 and Number 12 Leadership Experts Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady respectively, on 11-1-11!! Our Comittment to leave behind an inheritence for our childen’s children. Brandon, Ashlynne, Zachary, Brianna, Bailley, and Spencer. Our 6 most incredible gifts from GOD. It is with great excitment that we’ve entered the world of technology to do our part to restore the biblical foundational principles this great nation was founded upon.

As an Eagle Scout and a career Firefighter, I have seen the best of times, a Professional Firefighter, and some worst of times, a failed first marriage. One needs not be a rocket scientist to see the world is crumbling around us.

We were introduced to the LIFE TEAM by a incredibly intellegent young man named Bill Lewis. We came to the realization that although we were enjoying life, the road to FREEDOM was quickly closing in on us.

A loss of respect for those in office, a loss of hope that one can succeed, a busy life with no retirement in sight, a selfish view of life, but I had a good job.

A good man will leave an inheritance for his children’s children”..PROV 13:22 

It is beyond time to share truth. In the Launching a Leadership Revolution, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady explain why using the Tri-Lateral Leadership Ledger, an honest evaluation of ones Leadership Effectiveness. It evaluates ones Character, Tasks, and Relationships. Enough said, If you are interested, order the book today. One hundred percent of the Royalties goe top All Grace Outreach!

GOD Bless





6 responses

14 11 2011
Steve-Tammy Hullings

Great job Brian, I can’t wait to here more.
Steve Hullings

14 11 2011
Steve-Tammy Hullings

Sorry for the misspelling. I can’t wait to HEAR more! LOL.

15 11 2011
Dennis Swift

Great job Cuz: Thank God for LIFE and the policy counsel, because of them not only do we have the chance to change our lives, but through our combined efforts we can change this world for your grand kids and for mine that haven’t even been born yet. Tell me what other business can do that.

15 11 2011
Clyde Keep

One of the next future Top Leadership Guru’s….Mr. Brian Powers!

Super proud of you my friend! Great blog post can’t wait to see more!

15 11 2011

Thank you BP for sharing from your heart, as you always do. I would hate to think of where Mindy and I would be if not for the love, friendship, and mentorship of Sherry and yourself. You have touched so many lives and will touch many, many more throught the legacy that you will leave by sharing LIFE.


24 11 2011
Juleen Ray

Fantastic blog Brian!!! Thank you for your persistence. You and Sherry are certainly a blessing in my life. God Bless you!!


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