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27 12 2011

Last October, we were privileged to attend an International Leadership Conference where Orrin Woodward invited Oliver DeMille as a Keynote Speaker. Mr. DeMille is a world respected authority on most facets of our government and our Nations Constitution and a best-selling author, having written numerous books on Leadership, Politics, Education and Freedom.

It’s interesting to listen to conversations with people like Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and Oliver DeMille. It becomes very clear their knowledge of leadership, government, education, and finance is a result of continued learning from credible sources of information. A large billboard on I-75 south of Wolverine Michigan, shows a newborn infant wrapped in a blanket being welcomed into the world and the caption says “Welcome to the World, you owe the government $850,000.00”!! Knowing what our nations current debt is, that is no laughing matter.

Proverbs 13:22 says “A good man will leave an inheritance for his children’s children” Our current state of affairs is certainly a long ways from financial freedom. A free America can only be maintained by a culture of adults. My oldest grandson Brandon attended a recent Team Mens Leadership Meeting with me where he had the opportunity to meet many of Michigan’s Top Leadership Gurus. During the course of our conversation, Brandon learned some of the freedoms we enjoyed earlier have been severely restricted in his day.                                       

In Oliver recent book “Freedom Shift” he explains virtually every child looks forward to the freedoms and     responsibilities of being an adult. I remember driving the ole Farmall tractor on the property at the ripe old age of 8. I serviced that tractor for my dad one day thinking I was helping out. What a lesson that became. Twenty two quarts of oil out of the case in the crankcase, I figured that was enough. I learned I had the wrong plug out of the motor to see the oil level

On Thursday evening of the Leadership Conference, Oliver spoke to a very interested group of leaders and cautioned everyone in attendance that our number one concern should be to make sure we are raising our children and grandchildren to be the parents of the future FREE America. This is more difficult to achieve than first meets the eye. Chapter 7 of the “Freedom Shift” explains the impacts on today’s youth from Elementary Culture to the High School Culture to the College-Corporate Culture to the Official Culture to the Adult Culture to define the “Hidden War”

Orrin and Oliver (among many others) have become advocates of truth to keep our ancestors thinking alive. Simply said, they are among many who plan to restore our nations principles to the level that she was founded upon.

We must stop the Merry-go-Round of “Freedom Loss” long enough in our busy lives to insure our children and their children will have a FREE America.

GOD Bless your 2012



First You Must Follow

3 12 2011

In Orrin Woodward’s new book “Resolved” he clearly identifies that he is a follower of a great GOD. If we are to understand success in the future, we must resolve to follow some parts of the past. Hundreds of years ago, community was important in our day-to-day lives. Everyone was following someone and everyone (well nearly everyone) understood they were leading someone. Growing up as a child, we knew to respect our parents, our friends parents, our teachers, our local law enforcement officers, our legal system, and public education.  Every one of those people had an influence in what I would later become, and lead others to those same truths. I remember very well, my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Youcartz, and my Reading Railroad workbooks! I remember her keeping me after school and then taking me home so I could keep up with the rest of the class in their advanced reading skills.

I recall growing up in a smaller rural neighborhood that we referred to as Union Lake. Our community was a close knit group of families that did many things together. I recall a tornado as a child forcing most of our neighborhood into the Johnston’s basement. That was cool watching garbage cans flying through the neighborhood! Our parents went frogging together, they united during many times of year to help others out like at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Much of what is mostly left up to churches and Scouting organizations to accomplish these days. As children we were following people we respected.

A handful of years ago, GOD brought a few men into our life that we knew were different. Not brash or arrogant, but certainly confident and trustworthy. These men, Orrin Woodward, Bill Lewis, and Mark Huber, caused me to rethink my thinking. Many will ask, “what is different about these guy?” The answer, plenty!  They are living their lives with purpose. They are committed to improving the lives of others, plain and simple.

Most folks have very busy hectic schedules, which are mostly do to lost focus. It’s almost like we are a nation of lost souls wandering  around in the desert and the only thing we have accomplished at the end of any given day is to be tired.

We were honored to be present when Oliver DeMille, best-selling author of the new book Freedom Shift, shared with a group of LIFE Leadership recently, that we must resolve to return to teaching our children to be parents. Teach them not only to be Leaders, but also understand they must follow.

With that said, this title “First You Must Follow” is for parents to step up to the plate and be the example our children need, to learn to follow.

My friend and mentor Bill Lewis, posted a recent leadership article on the foundations we all are building for our children and grandchildren, or believe we are. I believe the sole purpose in leadership is to inspire others to become the best they can be. When this young man came into my life several years ago, I was one of those lost souls. Doing everything everyone had told me to do.

Although my career as a wildland firefighter with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources took me on some very exciting adventures, something was missing. The only time I really gave serious consideration to making a difference in someone’s life was when duty called. The rest was living the life of insanity.

Duty has called again, and that duty is to share truth and restore leadership. What an exciting time we live in. We get to be a part of the Leadership Revolution our Nation needs just like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Not everyone sailed with Columbus, but he did certainly have followers and they were willing and ready to pay whatever price needed to be paid to have their freedom.

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s New York Times Best Selling book “Launching a Leadership Revolution” is a very good place to start following from. 

Another great read is “Becoming a Person of Influence” by John Maxwell.

If you have not received your personal copy of Chris and Orrin’s book LIFE, might I suggest you hurry to get you one.

Ask yourself, Who am I following, and where are they taking me to? And the important question is, where are our children following us to?

Until next time,

GOD Bless,


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