From Fear to Faith to Freedom

18 02 2012

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary of Community Building and now Leadership and Personal Development, with Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and Bill Lewis, I’ve learned one very important lesson. Most people are living a life of fear. Henry David Thoreau said “most men live lives of quiet desperation”  In his book “The Fifth Discipline”, Peter Senge says we have become a society that identify ourselves by our occupation. Many questioned our wisdom when I chose to terminate my government employment. It was that safe secure job by most people’s standards. Speaking from personal experience, when Bill told me it was costing me money to be employed, it generated great fear. As Bill said that, I told him that scared me and he responded, I know, that is because of the failure to educate you about financial literacy.

As we look across America today, it becomes very clear, that not only have we failed to educate the general populace on the matters of finance, but we have really failed in the arena of people skill development also. That is what makes me so excited about the future for my grandchildren.

Allow me to share some examples:

Personality Plus by Florence Littauer, How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success by Frank Bettger, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People by Les Giblin and The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. In over 20 years of public education, no one had ever recommended any one of these books to me.

The above referenced books are some recommended to me in the last ten years, all of them read several times, that have created a belief in me that we can help other people succeed simply by encouraging them and providing a different source of information and a positive environment of folks to associate with. 

Ask yourself this question, If I said to the person in the mirror that this is a person who is here to be the best I could be and serve other people, would the world be a better place?

Charlie Tremendous Jones, author of the book “Life is Tremendous”, says that 5 years from now we will become the books that we read and the people we associate with. 

All of us have some degree of faith. Moving from fear to faith, I’ll use the example of teaching our granddaughter to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. And, certainly not the using the example Orrin used with his children. It took her a bit, but when she had received enough encouragement and belief in herself , she was off to the races with her bike and a great sense of accomplishment was enjoyed. What an exciting time for a grandparent. As adults, we could all relearn a valuable lesson by watching our infants and toddlers. You see, there is increased freedom as we have given them the belief through encouragement that riding their two-wheeler gives them more freedom than scooters or tricycles. 

See, many have said, Oh you are in one of those things! Well folks, we are not in one of those things. The “thing” as some call it, is in us and it is called purpose.

The Team/LIFE Organization of folks we are involved with is a loyal Community of people who have stepped back to listen to truth. Truth is our Nation and the World needs to have its foundational and biblical principles GOD created this earth with restored. Nothing more, nothing less.

At a recent International Leadership Conference in Columbus Ohio, we were honored to be introduced to Oliver DeMille, author of “The Thomas Jefferson Education”  “The Coming Aristocracy” and “Freedom Shift” I learned more in two hours from Oliver that I had learned in nearly twenty years of education about how and why our government was formed, what has happened to it since 1913, and what needs to be done to restore it based on principles with morals and integrity.

Moving from Fear to Faith (you will have to have faith) to Freedom, will require encouragement to develop belief and all of that will require COURAGE.

Courage and belief that we can restore Americas Freedoms. Freedom is a privilege that must be fought for and maintained.

In Orrin and Chris’s New York Times best-selling book “Launching a Leadership Revolution” there is a Tri-Lateral Leadership Ledger. This ledger evaluates your leadership effectiveness. I challenge each of you to read it and score your leadership effectiveness.

See, Leadership is For Everyone

GOD Bless



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