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23 06 2012

“LIFE”, newly launched Leadership and Personal Development Mastermind of Orrin Woodward, has folks restoring their personal belief all around the world. Orrin has worked nearly 2o years to establish a foundation of men and their wives that are of true integrity and character. Those are Laurie (Orrin’s wife) Chris and Terry Brady, Tim and Amy Marks, Bill and Jackie Lewis, George and Jill Guzzardo, Claude and Lana Hamilton, and Dan and Lisa Hawkins. These brave men are sort of like the men who signed the “Declaration of Independence”  They have created a variety of educational subscriptions whose value is actually priceless.

We certainly have selected all of the LIFE Education Subscriptions. GOD knows I need all the truth in education I can absorb. As I considered this post, my thinking took me to the variety of subscriptions that most folks invest in today without really considering them as a subscription.

Allow me to identify a few.

Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, (gives us protection against the tobacco subscription we have) Electricity, Drinking Water, Grocery, Soap Opera, Hunting, Cable TV, Public Education, Marriage, Occupation, Children, Snowmobiling, (any outdoor enthusiast may have more than one sporting subscription). This could be a very long list. My softball subscription was very important to me. All of these are a subscription in their own right if you were to think about it. We have to ask ourselves, what is the true value to some of these subscriptions we involve ourselves in?  What should your top 3 life subscriptions be?  What is your “life plan” for personal development?

Why so many and what do they satisfy? As I ponder these questions, having learned a great deal about ego and selfishness, the answer is very clear. Most of the subscriptions we have enjoyed satisfy a feeling. Some might even say a temporary escape from reality, just something that makes us feel good for a time.  Some we will invest time in, some we will invest money in, and some we will invest both time and money in and never think twice about the outcome because of a to date, poor financial subscription.

One of the things we enjoyed prior to getting involved in this new concept of Compensated Communities, was camping. Yep, we started like most, in a tent. Did not take long to figure out we were not keeping up with the Jones’ so to speak. Didn’t matter that the checking account was going backwards every month, we were satisfying our ego’s. Paid more for the last RV than I did my first house. How smart was that? We even had our children thinking we were doing good by them. I was a financial moron.

The greatest thing we’ve enjoyed in LIFE is the truth in financial literacy. We now know it’s not a good thing to lease a new vehicle every three years. Or, that our house was not and never has been an asset. Well, maybe for the bank. The other great thing we have learned and continue to learn is marriage is hard work. It takes a committment from both spouses to make a marriage a home.

And, the number one most important thing we have accomplished is having a restored relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. HE is the most important Subscription anyone can have.  As we ponder the dilemmas we are facing today, no one can argue, a better marriage subscription, financial subscription, domestic violence awareness, integrity and character subscriptions are needed.

Today  starts with a LIFE Subscription, Leadership Subscription, AGO Subscription, Edge Subscription. All of this can start with the all new “Mental Fitness Challenge“. This is how to identify our strengths and weaknesses. None of us are perfect and everyone has the seeds of greatness that GOD instilled in them.

I’m saddened by the number of people who will agree with all the issues our nation is faced with but are too busy or not willing to become part of the solution. We have learned more truth in the last 10 years being partners with this outstanding group of men and women, then we’ve learned in the rest of our entire life

I can not wait for the new book to be released, 1913 by Oliver DeMille and Orrin Woodward. The truth is what your children deserve, starting from 1913.

The LIFE Subscriptions will help protect your children’s FREEDOM!!!

Leaders are Readers

GOD Bless



Mental Fitness Challenge

4 06 2012

Some would liken it to an oil change for your brain. Orrin Woodward and the Founding Fathers of the newly launched LIFE Business have taken the USA and Canada by storm with this Flagship product, the “Mental Fitness Challenge”.  LIFE Founder Dan Hawkins was recently quoted at a Leadership Conference saying it is a P90X for your brain.

Created from Orrin’s new book Resolved, 13 Resolutions for Life, this fun, exciting, all around assessment of your mental toughness, has thousands of people jumping on board to take the full-blown 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge.  The month of May ended with thousands of people committing to a 90 day challenge and many of them Trip Tracking for a FREE trip to Disney or a FREE cruise. Now that is exciting!!

My friend and mentor Bill Lewis, established a promotion to have a conference call this evening with Orrin Woodward.  Orrin is the number 6 Leadership Expert on the planet today. For those on the call it was an amazing 45 minute information of truth.

I was honored this evening to team up with Jason Tingley and share the Mental Fitness Challenge with a group of nearly a dozen folks. We had a great time and many people had some interesting Circles of Life.

The Mental Fitness Challenge is getting the attention of business owners, CEOs of large corporations, health professionals, human resource department heads, moms, dads, young adults, emergency service providers, and the list goes on. A true focus on thirteen areas of a person’s life to give them the information they need to become better people. You see, the product of this incredible LIFE program is YOU.

Take the Mental Fitness Challenge. Invite your family and friends to take it with you. Invite your supervisor to be your accountability partner. As my friend Jason pointed out to a group of folks tonight, this is something that will look very good on a resume too. The question to ask yourself is, are you living the life you’ve always wanted to live? Access your strengths, you do have some. Let your strengths guide you through life. Feed your elephant by getting it in line with your ant.

It’s FUN, it’s FAST, its EASY!!


GOD Bless



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