“Life Leadership a Scam? reviews/business plan”

30 12 2013

Life Leadership has created such a buzz, many are wondering how such a young company can be enjoying such great success. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, the Masterminds behind the Life Leadership idea, had worked  over 20 years developing the Life Leadership idea which  launched into it’s third year as a dominate force in Leadership and Personal Development. The Masterminds behind this company have researched and brought forward the most amazing program that most feel is the education for not only America’s future, but for the rest of the world too.

It has truly been an honor to work directly with Bill Lewis who is one of the Life Leadership Founders. This young man has become one of the Nations most sought after Leadership Coaches. We are honestly blessed to call him and his wife Jackie our friends.

As we have personally worked with many of the Life Leadership Founders for over a decade, we are excited for what the future holds in store for our Leadership (Musketeer) Teams that stretch from Central New York to Florida to Oregon and Chicago to the Western parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and all parts in between.

Sharing truth is sometimes very difficult, but the part that excites me is we can sit across the table with a couple that may be struggling in their relationship or finances, or understanding their children, and provide them an environment that supports them and provides solutions for their issues. The reality is that our Nation is in severe decline no matter where you look. My father was a United States Veteran, a Master Sergeant of the Korean War Conflict. He sacrificed as many others have throughout history to provide a FREE America to live in!  I am insulted by those who believe they have to criticize what we are doing to restore our Nations Founding Fathers Morals and principles of biblical proportion.

What we are doing is certainly not theory. Ask any one of our Team that have enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica. Ask any one of the children who have enjoyed having their parents come home to be full time parents. Ask the Sheriff Deputy that was recognized by his Sheriff as the “Officer of the Year” last year because of the Leadership Program he has participated in.

Most of the Nation is praying that someone develops and applies some common sense. Their prayers have been answered if they will not knock opportunity when opportunity knocks.

As Chris and Terry Brady have said, and all the Life Leadership Founders are committed……

Life Leadership is “A Force for Good”

Look for 2014 to be your year to Accomplish your DREAM!!!

Happy New Year

God Bless




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